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  1. Wayne Guindon on

    if you need any info on el salvador and guatemala you can email me at wayneguindon@gmail.com .. i lived in el salvador for 10 years and my wife is from Peten guatemala.. i am going to be in el salvador from a month…of april…….my wife will be in guate in march..for a couple of weeks..any info you need let us know..

    • islandbikers on

      Great, information always helps. As we approach, we’ll be in touch. Thanks.

  2. Brian Murray on

    Hey Walter

    A full page write-up in Saturday’s Guardian. I have the e-version that I will send you through email.

    • islandbikers on

      Hey thanks, someone sent it to me already. My three seconds of fame!

  3. John Turner on

    Merlin & Walter
    Been following your pilgrimage. Seems u are having a way tooo much fun.
    I in envy. However, not sure if I’m brave enough to emulate you!

  4. lawrenceleclair on

    Heard about your adventure today…read the blog…awesome! I’m a teacher at Bluefield but never met you, have heard of you though. My wife worked with you at the Rural. I’ve been riding since I was 15 when I raced motocross…have a Suzuki VZ1600 power cruiser now, sort of like a hippo on Red Bull! V-Strom or Triumph is next. My wife and I took a half year off from teaching, loaded our three boys into our rig and hauled our travel trailer 30,000 km’s through 31 states two years ago. Close to Big Bend is a Texas State Park called Balmorhea on the way west towards El Paso. It has a 2 acre spring fed, 25 foot deep pool that is a year round 72-79 degrees. If you are looking for a campground it is a really neat little place. Great swimming amidst thousands of fish and turtles. Have agreat trip.

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