Saturday, Sunday, Monday . . .

I'm too muddle headed to write a blog posting, so for the record I'm just cut and pasting stuff I already sent to family and friends. For a few of you, sorry for the redundancy, but for the sake of this blog's continuity and to scaffold my own short memory, here goes . . .

Saturday was a relaxing day, I just rode around the country side looking for nothing in particular, and I'm happy to report I found it. After that, I rode back to where I'm staying and plopped under a certain tree, the only spot where wifi intermittently kicks in. It didn't take long to forget the wifi.

The older lady (my age?) who seems to own the place where I'm staying seems to be a nice person, quite sophisticated. I mention this only because it's relevant to what I was about to experience.

She opened the door of her place and urgently called for her man, who promptly dropped what he was doing and ran inside to join her. Within a few moments the sounds of amorous affection began to permeate the air. To be honest, I was impressed. Soon, the level of enthusiasm gained in pitch along with shouts of encouragement; all I thought was, good luck buddy. But evidently he didn't need any luck, they both started sounding like teenagers. Now I was really impressed; what's in the tacos down here? Then the yelling ratcheted up to a crescendo of enthusiasm – over and over again. To be honest, I thought one or both of them were going to be damaged.

Then the door flew open and they came out with huge grins on their faces. In a second I understood. Turns out they were watching soccer. Without a doubt, these Mexicans sure know how to express their enthusiasm for The Beautiful Game.

And yeah, I felt kinda foolish, and for some reason, kinda relieved.

In a random shift in narrative, here's a picture of a cattle, they're lying precariously on a ledge that rolls steeply down the pasture a few hundred meters.

Here's a shot of more cattle, a little hard to see them, but it's the steep angle of the pasture that got to me. Pictures don't provide the proper perspective. Just try to imagine where I was taking the picture.

Anyway, I spent most of a very quiet Sunday hanging around with a bunch of guys fixing a truck. I don't speak Spanish, they didn't speak English. Great time all around. What these guys can do in a back yard with a good set of tools amazed me; especially in four hours. They dropped the drive train, pulled apart the transmission, and spit out the problem. They found a part that cost less than a dollar to fix. It may take a week to get the part, but at least they identified the problem.

I know wrench-heads would have loved the scene. It really was rare mixture of hard work and fun. In as much as possible, they transformed a difficult situation into a family event. Cute little kids running around, moms, dads, uncles and aunts. Oil and grease mixed with smiles and laughter, and locally distilled hootch. After it was all over we even exchanged emails. Crazy.

Early Sunday morning I was out hunting for Mayan temples (still didn't find them) and met some people who just couldn't accept I didn't speak Spanish, it was as if I was from a different planet. I must admit, my brain hurts from charades – Mayan temples being a tad more difficult than miming I'm out of gas. I ended up in the middle of nowhere, which I'm sure is he middle of someone's home. I went up to a few people near a pile of coconuts. Perhaps it was because of the isolation, but I was quite glad when I rightly interpreted the big guy with the machete as he gestured on a coconut. Good guess on my part. I was even more glad I guessed right when he poked his finger in and out of a coconut hole and pretended he was sucking on something. Man, I was elated when he made a hole in the coconut and handed me a straw! We drank the juice, ate the coconut meat and had chuckles all around. And to a large degree, they were right – I am from a different planet.
Monday found me hunting out a place the locals consider spiritual, claims to have healing waters. I found the place but didn't feel it was right to start shooting pictures of people who were attempting to be healed. I'm tempted to give it a try myself; we all need to heal something, right? Here's a few pictures of the area. I've got to be honest, I was a little spooked, it was one of the most isolated places I've been to in Mexico, way out of my comfort zone. Shyness doesn't get in the way of riding to isolated places, however, chutzpa is something I lack. But, like John Candy said, “I went on a long trip to try and find myself but wherever I went, there I was!”


Packing up and leaving tomorrow, I'm in no rush to leave Mexico . . .




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  1. Lyman Douglas on

    You are an adventuresome old sot!!
    Great description of your encounters ….. and disappointments, wasn’t expecting the “beautiful game” ending to the story, but a rather more exciting finish, I guess!!!
    Drive safely!!

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