Last Daze in El Salvador

I’m on a bike trip, it’s time to bike. But it’s going to be hard, really hard, to leave this location. This will likely be the last blog entry for a while, spare time being a challenge to find on the move. But all this moving and staying has got me thinking, rarely a good thing.

The fellow below, high above in the tree, is located. He has a ritual before every climbs. He knows every climb may be his last.

That’s Harvey in the next picture; he’s in his 50’s. Long time world class surfer, Iraq survivor. Different location.

LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION isn’t that the realtor’s mantra? The message is that using your resources to be in a good spot beside a bad spot doesn’t make much sense. But, between the bike seat and the hammock, I’ve had time to wonder what location actually means, or what it ought to mean.

I have good friends who save their pennies and flee the frozen north to putt around on various Florida golf courses. All evidence suggests they love it. I know others who perennially shed their winter skins on the hot rocks of Central America, Mexico, Spain, anywhere where they could gleefully watch Frosty melt. The theme here appears to be: To not worry and be happy, stay warm, don’t freeze. And, if you can’t do that, at least learn how to whistle.

Google knows all; we tap the screen and the screen tells us the options that are . . . well, on Google. Most of those options suggest a location we’re not in now. I haven’t seen one that says, “Wow, you nailed it buddy, stay put!” Perhaps that can’t be helped, priorities change. While it would have been a hoot, I know during our family growing days never once did I ask a realtor if the location offered opportunities to retreat from corporate culture and the norms of the workforce.

Rarely being one to require a point (it’s hard to believe you’ve read this far) I have to say that the old mantra of location, location, location is probably still relevant, just not so much in its original intent and certainly not as a marketing tool for location agents. When I’m located on my bike throttling through life, I’m located in movement. If I’m in the zone, I’m grateful to be alive. When I get off my bike to find shelter, that’s another type of location. I can be grateful for a decent location there too. And, when the two kinds of locations converge? Hey, that’s the best in and out of head location of all.

Finding those middle locations, for me at least, takes work. It requires selling off my sense of location entitlement. Then I have to use all the proceeds of that sale to renegotiate for a better understanding of the location I’m actually in. But once the deal’s been cut, how do I know if I’ve found the right location?

For me, it’s when I’m overwhelmed with gratitude. It’s the only indicator I recognize and the one I have to look the hardest to find. And, work hardest to keep.

So there – or here – it is. Location (motion) location (place) and the relationship between the two, the magic location. The sweet spot, the OM in home, the point of life. I guess it melts down to this: It’s not so much the location that matters, what matters is making the location matter.

As I write, this Big Bang is what’s happening in Costa Rica. Glad I don’t have to ride through the falling ash.

See ya. Maybe the only way to be in a constant state of finding new locations
is being . . .

Who knows? Not me.




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