To Do, or Not To Do.

Another beautiful day here, woke up by thunderous waves. At sunrise there were already a lot of surfers; I’ve counted sixty, but it’s hard to get a number. They won’t stay still.

Today is a this ‘n that day. A bit of preparing for the next phase of the ride. A bit more pure pleasure riding; no point A to B stuff. And, the bike won’t be laden with luggage, which in itself is a pleasure.

One important “do” is working out how to get the insurance documents to cross back into Mexico next week. You don’t need them to get out, but I think you need them to get back in. Of all the Central American jungles to navigate a vehicle through, the paper jungle they make a person machete is the scariest. It’s full of paper snakes and poisonous “plants”.

It would be a tedious enough task gathering the documents in the USA or Canada, but here it’s excessive and needlessly complex. I’ve learned that persistence and patience is the key, qualities I sadly lack. And, I must admit that the issues are often due to my own language limitations and access to technology. On the other hand, what helps turn the key (should it not be under one’s hat) is the willingness of the common people (not the bureaucrats) to help out. It all reconfigures the brain, or at least my brain. No bad thing.

I should say that the border madness would be much more tolerable, I think, if a person was going to stay here for a lifetime. Or at least a few months. For me, it’s the thought of doing it repeatedly in short spurts that amplifies the angst. I also must admit that I’m anaphylactic to forms, so please take all of my whining with a grain of salt.

I’m not ashamed to admit I’m a seventies guy, they were my formative-stunted years. When CCR put out Cosmo’s Factory (Run Through the Jungle), for some reason I often recall to mind the cover. You’ll notice there’s a sign. Part of the sign is purposefully “chipped off” so, where it used to say Beware of Dog, it now reads: Beware of Do. I’ve kinda worn that for the last 45 years. I’ve never interpreted it as suggesting not to do, but just to be aware – and beware – of it.

Holy cow! I just saw one of those Hawaii 5-O waves come in; it was amazing. People are laughing their heads off out there. Crazy. It must take a lot of guts and skill to play on one of those babies. I took this picture of a biggie this morning, but there’s no perspective. Anyway, it’s half the size of the 5-O I just saw.

Bellow is Roberto, the owner of the hostel that’s been my home base. Due to the huge and dangerous boulders just under the surface, he is one of the few to surf directly in front of the hostel. Now that’s guts . . . and skill. Amazing.

Speaking of guts, one thing I’ve noticed down here is the relative lack of obesity. Quite the opposite, most people I see are either in good shape or ripped. Then again, I’m in a “Beautiful People” surfing zone, so maybe that’s to be expected. Hey, this morning I noticed I’ve even lost a bit of girth myself, but no fears, you won’t be seeing me in a thong bathingsuit just yet.

For breakfast (desayuno) I walk a few meters to a little hut where they serve fantastic food, most of it caught a few meters from the hut. Here’s the hut (Sharky’s) and lunch arriving:


Ah well, the opportunities for doing this blog will dissipate once the wheels under my ass start spinning. But before I get vertical, a little horizontal wouldn’t hurt, For now, it’s enough of this do . . .





4 comments so far

  1. omairimtiaz on

    Youre mastered the art of blogging. Extremely happy to keep my self posted! I talk with Rita and Charles almost everyday and sit down and talk to them about your…misadventures!

    • islandbikers on

      Thanks Omair. Just make sure any stories you tell them leaves them less worried. At their stage of the game, more worry shouldn’t factor into their thinking. As long as they know I’m fine and having fun, right? And thanks for setting me off on the right foot with the blogging. I’m still a rank novice, but somehow I’m muddling through. Take care, and take even better care of Rita and Charlie!

    • islandbikers on

      Oh yeah, any chance you can show Charlie and Rita some of the pictures?

  2. Mary MacKay on

    What a fun read!! I enjoyed it immensely .

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