Mostly just pictures . . .

Fewer words, more pictures. These taken in the last couple of days . . . lest anyone think I’m suffering.

The place I’m staying, the Hostal Almendros.

My room, upper right. To the left the hammock, from where where I’m sending these photos.

The place is a surfer’s paradise; they’ve been coming here since the seventies from all around the world. The following two pictures taken just a few meters off the deck this morning.

Early morning shots, stunning sunrise and sunsets on the Pacific Coast in El Salvador.

A tad less exposed to the ocean, elevated (rainy season ready) beach huts, just behind the hostel, 200 meters from the beach, rented by the week or the month. To the left, elevated bar.

And with respect to that second “enhanced” shot, a quick shout out to fellow ‘Strom rider George S. from Southwest Lot 16. He tried to show me how to use the great little camera he convinced me to buy. Now, all I have to do is apply what he taught me. More importantly, George got me a simple fork reseating tool that I had to use on Merlin’s bike. Had we not had it, I’m not sure what would have happened. He also sent me this picture from PEI today, just to remind me to keep enjoying myself. Thanks George . . .



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  1. humblebub on

    While you ponder the surf, sip strong drink and consider sea breezes be aware we less fortunate are filling the generator and tractor with fuel in anticipation of 20-45 cm and high winds. I will pat the BMW before I start the tractor. Envy mode on! :). Enjoy.


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