Decision Made – Approaching The Ides of March.

Okay, here’s the rub. Everything considered that I know how to consider, I have decided to abandon Panama as a destination, but not abandon the fundamental purpose of this “find-a-way” adventure.

To be honest (no small task) the more I found out about the border crossings (especially the return crossings) the more I wanted the water-board. To spend more time, money and risk crossing two borders “alone” than it does to actually cross the country, then repeat the process returning too short a time later, seems a tad ludicrous. As my old colleague Jim MacAulay used to say, “There’s a difference from scratching yer ass and tearing the hell right out of ‘er.”

So, what’s been lost and what’s been gained? I’ve briefly been to Nicaragua and I did want to return to Granada, a beautiful little town. I also wanted to revist other places my buddy Gordie and I visited, but that will have to be postponed for another opportunity, or another lifetime. Whichever comes first. That’s lost. But the gain is that I’ve reclaimed the purpose of the ride, which is to explore and discover that which exists to others, but not to me.

So, the first thing I’m not going to do is go all homing pigeon. My plan (hear God laughing?) is to down-play the throttle and up-play whatever makes me and the bike go slower. And better. The “be safe” thing matters no less going west, east or north than it does going south. At this point, the only thing I can promise Glenda, and anyone else who cares, is that I’ll try to avoid hurting myself and not avoid helping myself. Again, no small task. Please, try to remember this when you’re getting out of the bathtub.

Ahhh, I feel better already.

One of the (many) unanticipated features of this trip is how it’s challenged my normal experience of what’s private, what’s public and what’s important. Usually, the words in my head are reasonably private. Then, for a lark, I started this blog. I figured, by default, it had the added bonus of allowing people to follow me in case I disappeared. Then I used the blog to solicit advice, which I gratefully received. What it has helped to bring me so far is a new appreciation. When I left PEI, the destination was a place, a find-a-way to get to Panama. Now, the destination has become a find-a-way to appreciate wherever I find myself. And, it’s been my experience so far – for good or bad – wherever I go, there I am!

Thanks for your interest. I’m not sure what the rest of this trip will look like, but I’m reasonably sure I’ll find out . . .


6 comments so far

  1. Mary MacKay The Guardian on

    I look forward to your return and chatting about all of this and more. Ride safe and have loads of fun. 🙂

  2. mike fagan on

    You’ve found a way Walter, happy to hear that you found your self also.
    Enjoy the ride

  3. humblebub on

    Two immutable facts I have discovered in 57 years of riding. If my bike stops working ask myself where were my hands last and more importantly if my gut starts asking me questions about the ride I am on it is time to revise the plan for the ride. Sounds like you have made the right decision. Ride safe and have fun.

    Craig Willson

    • islandbikers on

      True words, thanks. About 40 years ago I was riding on an twisty isolated country road. In the middle of nowhere and for reasons still not known to me, my gut said pull over now and stop. In seconds a car, driven by a friend of mine, went careening around the corner fully in my lane. Our eyes connected as he flew by, we never spoke of the incident. Yep, gut feelings matter. Thanks Craig.

  4. Lyman Douglas on

    Interesting post Walter, like most decisions, making it is the tough part! Once made, you can now focus on the “enjoyment factor” of the trip, not on the hassles that invariable dog any outing!
    Good luck on the rest of your ride, we look forward to reading about your adventures – assuredly they will be interesting and hopefully well documented!

  5. Jocelyne Vernham on

    Sounds like a good decision. Looking forward to hearing more of your adventures.

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